Deciding to keep yourself from Online gambling/Poker is commendable and a step in the right direction. Gambling usually starts as a harmless hobby or as an attempt to pocket in extra cash. However, after the first time, there is usually a second, a third, a fourth time until you get deeper into gambling. Being proactive in ensuring that you do not get trapped in these games of chances ensures you enjoy mental health and saves you from self-distraction.

It is said that prevention is better than cure and this case is not any different. Usually, it is hard to realize you have a gambling problem until the harmful effects of playing Online Gambling/Poker begin to manifest in certain aspects of your life. There are different degrees to the level of difficulty when it comes to stop online gambling. The more you get deeper into these games the more difficult it becomes to stop.

After ensuring you have the right

You need to acknowledge that online gambling does more harm than good to anyone who gets involved. By doing so, you get yourself in the right mindset to overcome the need to gamble. Make a firm decision by choosing to think of all the problems associated with these games. Some problems are like, making losses, anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem. Follow up the decision by taking steps to detach yourself from gambling urges like saving the money you would have used to gamble. Most preferably lock the money in a fixed savings account.

After ensuring you have the right mindset to prevent you from gambling, find out your Online gambling triggers like your emotions, your company, or how you use free time. Once you find out what causes the urge, it becomes easier to address the issues and control the situation early. For example, an emotional trigger can be eliminated by postponing the time to gamble or by distracting yourself with something that you are passionate about. If your friends are gamblers, you need to reduce the time you spend with them and make use of your leisure time with positive and beneficial activities.

How to avoid Online gambling/Poker

Get a proper support system to assist you in making the right choices regarding Online gambling/Poker. You can talk to a family member, a good friend, a financial advisor, or a professional counselor who will take you through saving your money, provide better options of passing time, or be there for you when you need them. They can help you cut some triggers that you can not get rid of alone so that you have no reasons to gamble.

While Online gambling/Poker is done through websites or applications you have an option of quitting instantly. You can block the websites or uninstall the apps so that you avoid accessing the platforms for participating in these games. Also, you can join online forums or download an app that will take you through how you can keep yourself from gambling.

Our future life is always one decision away and such is a choice to avoid participating in Online gambling/Poker. The result of making this decision making can have an immense positive impact in your life and the lives of people around you.