Creative commons videos are videos that have a license which allows the members of the public to use them. You can use the content in these videos to make your videos. Though, this is subject to certain conditions or regulations set by the owner of the videos. These creative commons videos can be sourced from various sources online, including on YouTube. You just need to search for them through your search engine. The creative commons videos can be edited, and then you upload them to YouTube.

These creative commons videos are created by the original creators, who then avail their videos to the public to use them as a standard to make their videos. Usually, these content creators have granted permission to other people to use their creations. However, the owner of the creative commons video retains the copyright for their work. You do not want to get a copystrike, for you to have your work listed as a creative commons, you require to obtain a creative commons license from YouTube.

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The license is usually abbreviated as CC BY and you can apply it under these three circumstances. First, if the videos are your original work and second if it can be used for all content labelled with it. Third, the license can be used for all the content that is available to the public and has ceased to be subject to copyright regulations. This means that other people will get to use your creative commons videos, but they will have to adhere to the stipulations of the license. YouTube has granted every creator permission to use the CC BY license for their videos.

This creative commons videos license can only be applied by the creators who have no content claims from other people on their work. When you label your videos with that license, you are allowing the YouTube fraternity to repurpose your work for their benefit. It’s important to note that when you use the creative commons videos you need to acknowledge the sources from which the content has been borrowed from. This should be done to avoid a copyright breach, and also so that the owner of the initial videos is not held liable for any violations caused by the borrowed content.

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How can you make money from the creative commons videos on YouTube? Well, this article will show you just how to monetize your borrowed content. First, you need to have your channel and this can be easily done, by signing up on YouTube. Then after signing up, you can start to upload your creative commons videos in your channel for the public to view them. This way, you’ll be on your way to getting viewers to your content. Then you will start to get people subscribing to your channel so that they are notified every time you post new videos.

With time this will build you a loyal fan base if people like your content. Some criteria that YouTube uses to determine the income options available to you is through the number of views on your content and the subscriptions to your channel. Monetization of your creative commons YouTube videos is what will make you the money if there is no content claim on the videos. There are four major ways to make money on YouTube and first is through the advertisements that will be displayed on your videos.

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To activate this income stream, you need to register with Google AdSense. AdSense enables content creators to get paid for uploading their works online. It works by displaying advertisements for the viewers to see them. The choice of the ads to run through your website is determined by the content that you publish and the profiling of the visitors in your channel. YouTube charges the advertisers, who are seeking to market and sell their products. This is a very sure and lucrative way of earning from YouTube, as advertisers will bid to get advertising space on your video.

Notably, this method ensures that you get the highest paying ads running on your content. YouTube charges the advertisers and ensures that you get your payments as agreed. Second, you can earn through channel memberships, where you allow your viewers to subscribe to your channel at a monthly fee. The hook is that they will be getting gifts from you and other merchandise that you’ll be offering. Thirdly, you can earn an income from your YouTube channel through your merchandise shelf.

How to use creative commons videos to make money on YouTube

This is where you have your brand account, to sell your branded products. YouTube can arrange the products for you based on their sales performance measures for your products. You can also arrange the products for yourself based on the regulations that YouTube has set in place. This is a good way to earn money by selling your products to YouTube fraternity. Fourth, you can earn through Super Chat and Super Stickers and as you advance in content creation, you will get many fans in your channel.

Super Chat is an income stream, created by YouTube, for fans to get their comments noticed by their favourite content creators during a live chat. Usually, a fan pays for their comment to be highlighted on the top section of other comments. This is a way for fans to show their support to their favourite content creators. Super stickers are activated automatically to the content creator who has access to Super Chat. Here, the fans are allowed to buy stickers, even animated stickers. They then use the stickers in the comments section, making their comments to stand out during a live stream.

Super Chat and Super stickers are created as an income stream to enable fans to connect with the content creators as they support their work. Anyone should take advantage of this easy way to have their content on YouTube. You can start by editing and using the creative commons videos available on YouTube and other platforms, then apply the monetization methods discussed above to earn money from your videos. It pays to be patient and consistent in content creation.